My 5K Training: Day Two

Thursday, March 24, 2011
I plan to run 3 days a week in April and practice P90X on off days.
Below is my Day Two 5k Training Run, with notes only that differ from Day One.

40 F, Brooks shoes with inserts, gloves for my hands
Sore spots: dorsal flexors (top of foot) and R hip, Ab Cramp at 1 ½ miles

5 AM: 200 mg Ibprofen (accident, I meant to grab my Levoxyl!)
5:30 AM: 8 oz water, 6 animal crackers

6000 Steps Total
6:25: Warm-Up
6:30: 2 miles
  ½ mile segments or ¼ mile hills (Down Up/Down Up/Up Down/Down Up)
  4, 30-second sprints on last ½ mile (down, down, flat, up)
7:00: 10 minute cool down

Notes to Self
I love this great quote from contestant Justin Price on The Biggest Loser:
“There are three reasons a man gets out of bed in the morning. 1) Death, 2) Family, and 3) A fire in his belly.”

Songs on the Radio

Readers: What are your workout plans for the upcoming month?