2 Rainbow Recipes and More for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The following two recipes have a full platter base ingredient followed by the items for the rainbow colors.  Plan out your shopping list by letting your kids help you draw the recipe as you make your list, such as our picture for fruit pizza below.

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Rainbow Fruit Pizza:
1.  Cover an oval platter with square graham crackers edge-to-edge.
2.  Gently spread vanilla yogurt over the crackers to cover.
3.  On the yogurt, start a 1 inch red band with sliced strawberries or halved cherries.
4.  Use sliced peaches or mandarin oranges for your orange ribbon.
5.  Drain chopped or crushed pineapple for your yellow row.
6.  Use halved green grapes or kiwi slices for your green row.
7.  End your rainbow row with blueberries and/or red grapes.
8.  Optional:  Add a cloud on the left end with some spray Redi-Whip, or a pot of gold with extra pineapple for gold and half an apple (skin-up) painted in peanut butter, Nutella, or black food coloring for a pot.
9.  To eat, just slide out a graham cracker square with the fruits of your choice.  Yummy!

Rainbow Mexican Dip: Same layout as above but with Veggies
1. One can Refried Beans*, spread on a large oval platter.
2. 8 oz Low Fat cream cheese whisked with 1 cup salsa, spread over bean layer
3. Start your rainbow by sprinkling a one-inch arch of chopped tomatoes at the top.
4. Use shredded cheddar cheese for the next 1 inch ribbon in orange.
5. Fine chop yellow pepper for ribbon 3.
6. Use chopped fresh spinach, green onion, or guacamole/avocado for your green ribbon.
7. Use diced green chile, red onion or olives for your last ribbon
8. Garnish with 12 fresh spinach leaves shaped into 3 4-leaf clovers for the platter sides and bottom, or make sour cream clouds on either end of the rainbow. 
9. Eat with low fat chips or halved baby carrots for dippers.

Rainbow Mexican Dip

*Hot Tip:  Read labels on the Refried Bean cans next time you buy them.  Often Low-fat or Vegetarian has more salt or substitutes than the regular; it all depends on the brand.

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