Snow Day! Try These 4 Outside Goodies

Making snow angels, having snow wars, and building snow men are all grand, but let's spice those up and throw some fitness into the mix.  The following are ideas for any age and the corresponding intensity desired on your snowy day:

1.  Hard: Shovel, shovel, shovel.  It's boring to shovel your own yard.  Call up a neighbor in need and tell them you're dropping by to clear their path because you need a workout.  I can't wait for you to report what they say.  My neighbor still shakes his head watching me shovel my own yard wondering where my husband is.  Hey man, I need my calorie burn too!

2.  Hard-Medium: Toss Rocks like the Scottish.  Bring out your guy friends for this one.  Maybe not toss rocks, but load some weighted medicine balls into your car and drive to a nearby snowy-clean soccer field.  Start at one left lower corner and toss the ball as far as you can.  Run (trudge) through the snow to fetch it and stay warm, come back to the bottom of the field but just right of your first throw and repeat.  Compete with yourself or buddies to heave it a bit farther each time; the snow makes a greater marker.

3.  Medium: Snow Landscapes.  Draw a thoughtful design on paper and then go into your yard (4x4 or 8x8 foot space, 12x12 if it's not freezing!)  Similar to playing on a sandy beach, create a valley, mountains, caves, rivers, channels and more out of the snow working from the middle to the edges.  Don't forget to take a picture of your creative work.  Send out an email and ask coworkers to "compete" with their own family designs.

4.  Mild: Snow Photography.  Take a snowy walk and search for abstract images in the cold weather.  Look for frozen leaves, light reflections and shadows, and animal prints in the snow.  Today I used our little Costco camera and took a picture of our family's footprints side by side, as well as pictures of a dripping icicle and frozen playground slide.  They came out surprisingly well, yahoo!  (Keep reading below for BONUS goodies...)


Here are two free web calculators to convert your activity to a caloric loss number:

My friend Aimee H. brought Calorie Count to my attention; this link allows you to select and view quick calorie burns for a 150 lb person and gives examples of food equivalents.
Thanks, Aimee!

Share your comments:  What keeps you active in the snowy weather?


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