Friday Fun: Pedometers, Panty Hose, and Potters

My healthy streak since Christmas came to halt this week when both my daughter and I caught the nasty coughing virus going around.  It seemed a great opportunity to wear a pedometer around and see if I meet the minimum CDC Recommendations for adult physical activity.  My results are surprising; I look forward to sharing them with you next week, and I'll share why I'm now addicted to my pedometer...

I was cleaning out my email and came across this Budget Workout Ideas article from Taste of Home.  I love checking out workouts from my library and the other suggestions on this list.  If you use panty hose as a resistance band, I'd love to hear how that goes...

The girls in my family recently gathered at my Mom's house for a movie night: Sense & Sensibility.  As I watched I was struck at how lax I have become with manners and common courtesy, so my daughters and I started a "manner watch" this week that has been more hilarious and ridiculous than it sounds.  I encourage you to view the movie this weekend, and if it doesn't sounds like your cup of tea, here's a movie game for you:

How many actors from the Harry Potter Series can you find in Sense & Sensibility?

Have a great weekend watching your manners, stretching panty hose and counting Potters.  Ta-ta!  Cheer-io!

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