5 Ways to be Your Own Personal Trainer

You may be having trouble finding time to exercise much less hire and pay for sessions with a trainer at a different location.  Here are tips to help you progress while working out on your own:

1.  Positive Affirmations:  Post inspiring quotes around your home and office where you feel the most stress to decrease your exposure to 80-90% of all illnesses.  Place smiley faces in your car, leave a loving note to yourself by your phone, or hang beautiful thoughts for the day in your closets.  Avoid stress-inducing messages such as “don’t eat that” on your refrigerator; fill your space with non-tempting choices instead.

2.  Purchase a book on Kinesiology Fundamentals:  The study of human movement, Kinesiology covers how each bone, joint, and muscle interacts in the body.  By having a mental image of where and how an exercise works as you perform the movement, the brain can and will activate more nerves and contract more muscle fibers as you think about the correct location.  And each time you hear “triceps, quads, gluts” and other muscle groups during your workouts, you will better understand what is being asked.

3.  Mirrors: Hello there!  Place a mirror at or near your workout.  Skip the primping and go to this mirror to check your form if an exercise doesn’t feel right.  Also use mirrors in every room not to criticize and pound your self image, but to check your posture and smile at yourself and your progress.  Using mirrors minimizes letting yourself go and keeps you on your fitness track.  Just remember tip #1, stay positive!

4.  Video Tape Your Awesomeness:  Record yourself and review it alongside the workout DVD you are using.  Make written notes on the exercises you need to give more attention to, such as deepening a squat, watching your posture during shoulder presses and bicep curls, and adjusting the alignment of your head and neck during abdominal exercises.  If you see yourself lagging during intense parts of the routine, read these fun tips to help you stay focused.

5.  Measure Your Progress, Periodically:  Record your weight once a week, use a food dairy for one to seven days as needed, and find a local trainer to periodically (monthly to 2-3 times a year) measure your baseline strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. After one or two assessments, you can ask that gym for directions and charts to repeat the tests at home on your own.

What tips do you have on improving your workouts? Share your comments!


  1. Hi Megan for great yet easy and simple tips.


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