Sharing Goals (and Bumps) from 2010

Some things to remember from a year come and gone...

Spring: P90X: It’s one of my favorite fitness achievements.  3 months, one to two hours 7 days a week.  Every day was a battle to get out of bed, increase the weights, pushing, waiting, watching, hoping it would all pay off.  A great example of having support (my husband got up so I would) and taking a leap of faith that all the small days would add up.  And they did!  We did two rounds (6 months) together before I had to break August-December, but I started 7 days a week again this Monday.

Summer: March of Dimes:  Other than starting this blog in November, I am a full-time Mom of two (which is what I have always wanted!)  But I do miss teaching classes and working with people.  So when March of Dimes asked me for a third year to do the warm-up for their walk last May, I am always honored.  I did not foresee getting my 10 year cancer scan and going off thyroid medication for the 5 weeks prior to the event.  Talk about digging deep!  I hardly could lift my arms (and I couldn’t find a replacement instructor, crazy!).  My husband said he couldn’t tell I was dragging and all went well… a behind-the-scenes story for the books.

Fall: A Fresh Breath:  Out of my 3 surgeries this year, to me there was nothing harder to plan and mentally prepare for then having a different face.  I was thrilled months of planning paid off and I can BREATHE again!  Six years of a broken nose (that I achieved walking into a glass door in our home that has since been removed) was six years too long.  I had a friend that had a similar nose surgery and knowing she had great results made all the difference in the world.

Surgery for Our Child:  At 2 years old we were told our daughter's tonsils would need to be watched.  She never was frequently sick but eating and sleeping became harder.  So when she hit 4.5 years old and we had to carry around Benedryl in case she got sick and her tonsils might swell shut, we took the risk of surgery and got them out.  After months of weighing pros and cons, a scary surgery, 2 weeks of recovery and 7 days watching her not eat anything... all agonizing but worthwhile today.  Now she sleeps and eats well, her behavior is MUCH calmer (sometimes) and when she is sick, there isn’t much to swell.  Phew!  It was one thing debating any surgery for myself, and entirely something else making that decision for our child.

Trips Ending on a high note, read about our fantastic Durango trip here.  I also attended this Scottsdale, AZ, Conference and LOVED IT!  We experienced Carlsbad Caverns for the first time, priceless, please go.

I encourage you to take care of any medical issues you are facing TODAY 
and move forward!

What were your goals and obstacles in 2010?