Loud Demands from a Smashed Toe

Yesterday I had my two nephews (3 and 1) along with my girls (5 and 2) for a few hours of fun.

So when I heard a crash, I can easily say I did not see what happened.  But I scooped up the injury victim, my 2 year old, and asked where it hurt and if she was going to be alright.

My two year old NEVER cries.  She falls, runs head first into walls, and drops things on herself blankly, void of pain receptors.  After some soothing and her crying ceased, she tried to stand and crumpled in pain.  Her toe nail was rapidly turning purple. Ouch!  Ice, struggling, soothing, and a sucker later she tried again, only to crumple and cry more.  Oh, NO!

I called her doctor, gave the nurse my "I don't know what happened, I have four kids here; her toe is purple" summary that I'm sure was super helpful, and we had an appointment an hour later.

Feet are a precious commodity in our active house so I wasn't taking any chances.  Luckily, tots are cushy with spongy bones and her toe was only bruised.  (But did you know doctors can often poke it with a needle and drain the blood, so they were glad I brought her in?  Ah!)  I was warned the pain would be bad today (even with meds) and maybe better tomorrow.

Fast forward through a nap and dinner; she was still hurting A LOT and didn't want to walk.  So Mom and Dad were scooping up our hurt baby to take her anywhere, right and left. 

So here's the kicker:  We are all on the floor playing games, and she sees her stuffed puppy across the room and shouts, "There's puppy!"  Dad reaches out and grabs it, handing it to her when she shouts, "No, leave it there!"  So Dad puts the puppy back down, but evidently in the wrong spot.  She immediately huffs and CRAWLS, with injured toe up the air behind her, across the floor to puppy, puts him the "right" spot, and crawls back to her place beside me.

Did you catch that?

If a Two Year Old finds a way...
Thank goodness my two year old unconsciously moved about.  Should I have said two hours sooner, "Yep; it hurts.  Thankfully you have two healthy knees, so modify!" (do you think that would have gone over well?)

My Deep Thought:  We all need some extra love so near to pain, just don't  keep your crutches.  I wish you confidence in your ability to find a way, or modify!