Inside: Megan's Fitness Story

I notice fitness professionals at the gym, buff trainers on television, and athletes jogging sidewalks in my neighborhood.  For each active person I always wonder, "How does THAT person keep going?"  My sister asked me over the weekend, "Megan, why don't you share what keeps you going?"

So here is my short story.

In high school my parents would intentionally put my sister and I in activities that required 2-3 hours of activity 5 days a week.  Their intention was not to keep us in shape, but to keep up so exhausted we wouldn't have the energy to cause trouble when the sun went down.  (I don't yet have teenagers, but I'm retaining that tip for when I do!)

You would think college was more of the same with Dance as my major, but the reality was four years of chaos.  Year one I crashed my car and tore ligaments in my hand.  Year two I ripped tendons in both ankles, I was diagnosed with "high arches" that finally gave out dancing barefoot for the Modern Dance program.  Year three I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and within 4 months had surgery, radiation, and rehabilitation.  Year FOUR... just kidding; I was recovering!  I finished my Dance degree with prerequisites for my Masters degree in Exercise Science.  I become empowered to teach and help others with fitness after my series of health issues.

You could say those physical battles paid off.  The following years where filled with amazing teaching experiences.  But when my clients asked how I regularly exercised, I jokingly replied, "I get paid."  Internally, I was so drained from repeatedly losing and gaining my physical self that I was hanging on week to week, fearing, from both reality and medicinal imbalances, that I would lose my active health again.

My health did come and go many, many, MANY more times...  My husband and I suffered two losses as we tried for the two beautiful girls we have today.  I gained 60 pounds with my first daughter and worked two physically draining years (with the assistance of my Endocrinologist) to get it off.  Fast forward to 2010.  What I hoped was the final heave-ho to great fitness became another preparatory round for more additional "maintenance" surgeries and recoveries.

But now it is 2011.  There are no foreseeable health milestones in my future.  My cancer is gone, my children here and healthy, and my health is seemingly in check with balanced medication and a healthy diet.  I'm not teaching fitness at the moment, so what keeps me going?   

Thankfully: I have support.  My husband sets the alarm for 5 AM everyday and rolls out of bed, turns on the lights, rolls up the carpet, puts in P90X DVDs, and leaves me no excuse to sleep in.  My brain continues to fight my body, challenging my resolve to get up when my body wants to rest.  As one of my doctor's said, "There is no more medicine can do; it's all on you now.  What are you going to do?"  I choose (as often as possible) to keep looking forward, keep getting better, and remain Happy!

I know I want to live and FEEL my best life, my youngest age, and see my children grow to be old (feisty) ladies.

I let go of yesterday, give my best today, and make great plans for tomorrow.  And once or twice, I let my husband have his own workout because I'm certainly not perfect.  :D

I'm curious about you.  What is your story?


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