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It came to my attention on Facebook that a relative of mine opened a Chiropractic office!  So I invited him to tell us more about his specialty:

Who is he?  Dr. Jacob Luce attended his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah majoring in Medical Biology and graduated Cum Laude and with honors from Los Angeles Chiropractic College in Whittier, California.  His wife and three sons help him lead an active lifestyle that includes water and snow skiing, weight lifting, basketball, soccer, and motorcycle riding, all in the state of Utah.  Dr. Luce’s passion is to learn about the newest and most modern techniques in chiropractic and provide “Patient Centered” care, which is the application of those techniques according to each client’s individual needs.  Dr. Luce is an Ironman Provider, certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) and Kinesiology Taping (KT-Tape).

What does he do?  Regardless of whether a chiropractor is an ART® specialist or not, all chiropractors are physicians who help the nervous system.  ART® is a patented system of techniques that break up the scar tissue that forms slowly over time or after a traumatic injury occurs.  Scar tissue is like sticky spider’s web that prevents nerves from gliding freely throughout the body, prevents muscles from stretching and contracting normally, and stops muscles from sliding over each other smoothly the way they optimally should.  Scar tissue is formed when the body heals soft tissue structures that are damaged from trauma, repetitive stress, or even poor posture.  Sometimes this scar tissue formation results in pain, but most often it does not.

How is ART used?  An ART® Specialist Chiropractor with a further certification in Nerve Entrapment Release has undergone intensive training in freeing these trapped soft tissue structures, and has learned over 500 extremely specific protocols to remove these scar tissue adhesions from your body.  ART® doctors are rigorously tested in these protocols, from their touch and sensitivity to their knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics.  Procedures such as Myofascial Release, stripping or using a metal, jade, or plastic tool to rub vigorously on your skin may free superficial scar tissue adhesions, but do little for deep scar tissue adhesions between deep-seated muscles or adhesions gluing peripheral nerves to their surrounding structures.

Some common nerve entrapments you may be familiar with are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (entrapment of the median nerve) and Sciatica (entrapment of the sciatic nerve).  A chiropractic adjustment may release these entrapments if they are pinched between spinal vertebrae that are misaligned.  However, more commonly they are trapped inside other soft tissue structures including muscles, muscle groups, and the fascia surrounding them.  To free these nerve entrapments, ART® chiropractors “floss” these nerves back and forth at their various entrapment points, breaking the scar tissue formations that trap them.

Inside Tip:  Some Chiropractors claim to do Active Release Techniques® but have simply watched an ART® DVD or learned a few muscle-related ART® moves from their colleagues.  To see if your chiropractor is really certified to remove peripheral nerve entrapments visit  If they hold this certification, your chiropractor has undergone extensive training in ART® and knows the 500+ protocols involved in removing scar tissue adhesions that compromise nervous system function.

Thanks for sharing your expertise, Dr. Luce!
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  1. A chiropractic adjustment may release these entrapments if they are pinched between spinal vertebrae that are misaligned.


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