Favorite Things from 2010

My favorites list this year outside the world of fitness IS:

Life Optimizer and Chris Guillebeau are two great writers whose emails I never delete from my mailbox without first reading.  Always something grand and inspiring each week; Bravo guys!

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blogger
Thank goodness for these platforms to reach and keep in touch with our favorite people around the nation, and some around the world!  There are no words for how easy Blogger is to use, and I’ve heard great things about the versatility of WordPress.

Web Browsing for Travel
Our family traveled to Durango, Vegas, Scottsdale, and Carlsbad in 2010.  Each trip I begged tips from friends online, searched hotels prices, read reviews, found show times, and more.  In my pajamas... at 4 AM.  We are also using our GPS more all the time.  Traveling just gets better every year.

John Tesh’s radio show Simple Improvements for Better Living
I’m not a regular listener, but when I catch it, I LOVE it!  (Quick side note: My daughter and I had an extra coupon at Kohls that we had to BEG someone to take and use.  I think it’s a sign that the public is tired of being sold to and misled; there are more “catches” and than “do-gooders” around anymore.)  So thank you, John Tesh, for your beneficial talk show.

Despair Inc.
What appears to be a message of inspiration is… not.  They remind me to stress a bit less and laugh a bit more.  Here are two of my favorites Despair quotes:
  • Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.”
  • Diversity: Because every person deserves an equal chance to prove their incompetence.”
Sh*t My Dad Says
This has to be the best parenting advice book of unquotable quotes.  I’m not one for cursing but it would lack the passion with out it.  It must be read to be appreciated.

The Twilight Series
And finally, my guilty pleasure in 2010, the Twilight Series.  Looking forward to the final two movies (Please, movie-makers, please reveal them both in 2011!).

Please share!  What were your favorite things in 2010?