BOSU Fun for Adults and Kids

When I saw a post on LinkedIn from a trainer about his passion for getting kids to join adults in their workouts, combined with his love of the BOSU, I asked if he would send me his favorite kid and parent BOSU exercises to share with you!  Great for ages 4 and up, enjoy demonstrating these moves to your kids and let them hold your hand when they need additional balance:

  1. Standing Stork:  Stand tall on the dome-side of the BOSU. Raise one foot to balance and FREEZE in place; repeat on the other leg.  For older kids, add a timer and make it a contest to see who can hold their balance up to one minute.  Raise the lifted leg out to the side out or all around, Thomas says “if they want to get crazy!”
  2. Squat till you (almost) Drop:  Stand on the dome-side of the BOSU and imagine sitting down in a chair, lowering your hips to just above knee height.  Now hold the squat without falling off.  For yoga-lovers, add arms for Chair Pose: straighten your arms in front of you and upward, bringing your biceps level with your ears, as if you were preparing to dive into a pool.
  3. Swimming:  Center your torso on the dome-side, laying face down on the BOSU.  Engage your back to lift your arms and legs out like Superman, then alternate flutter kicking your hands and feet 2-3” above the floor.  Keeping your legs long and lifted, try a breast stroke with your arms as well.   Swim for 10 seconds then pause with your limbs and torso relaxed, lift and repeat 3-5 times.  Rest by sitting your hips back on your heels with your arms forward on the ground (Child’s Pose) to relax your glut/back/shoulder muscles. 
  4. Kneeling Stork:  Same position as exercise #1 but kneeling on the dome (on one or both knees) with your toes off the ground behind you.  To add difficulty, think “Karate Kid” and move your arms in large circles or flap your arms like a bird, Thomas says “anything to change the body’s center of gravity.”
  5. Surf Kids:  Place the BOSU round-side down.  Assist your child onto the platform as they place their feet wide on the BOSU (as if on a surf board).  Have them shift their weight side to side and front to back without fully tipping or falling off the BOSU.

Thanks for the great exercises, Thomas! 

Read about NASM Trainer Thomas Matt’s success story here or email him at

Readers: What BOSU activities do you enjoy with your family?