Thoughts in Your Head?

Do you have some mental tricks to get the most from your workout?  Here are some fun mind talks I use to push myself (rather than mentally plan dinner…) during exercise routines:

  • You’re on Camera, GO!  Pretend you are the trainer, instructor, or person on camera.  This works well during a set of simultaneous muscle repetitions with dumbbells or tubing.  It will make you hyper-sensitive to your alignment, posture, and muscle engagement… and don’t forget to smile!
  • Good (and Bad) Encouragement:  I use this for cardio bursts, any repetitious jumping or fast-paced movements.  The best encouragement (good vs. bad) is the one that works for you. Sometimes I have a mental cheerleading crowd yelling “Go, Megan, GO! Yay, Yay, YAY!” that is as loud as a full football stadium.  Other days, I hear Jillian Michaels shouting “Don’t stop until you puke, pass out, or DIE!!!” or something similar…
  • Distraction:  Sometimes during a yoga pose, wall squat, or long hold, you just need to “find a happy place!”  Random 30 second songs that find their way into my head include the ABC’s, Henry the 8th and the Chicken Dance
  • What has been harder than this?  Mentally visualize a physically challenging event for you that was harder than your current exercise set.  Giving birth, recent stomach flu, an old injury, or the thought of your current ALIVE status can kick you up a notch by giving your workout some perspective.

Next week I’ll post some great information to help you find a personal trainer if you are in need of an outside voice.  Share your mental workout tricks with us and comment below!

Wishing You GREAT Workouts (and less dinner planning) in 2011!