Night Time Relaxation Tricks

Cold weather, working, shopping, baking, traveling, socializing…  If you are ready to unwind, here a few of my favorite before-bed calm-downs:

1.  Say goodnight to the electronics (phones and computers), with the exception of calm music or relaxing sounds.  My husband and I often doze to Susie Tallman’s Sleepy Dreams cd in attempts to calm our kids at bedtime.  Switch out holiday music if it has you thinking of shopping and stress.

2.  Wash your face and hands with warm water.  Fill a bowl and let your feet soak as well.  The concentrated circulation in these areas will take the warmth through your body in no time.

3.  Plug in a heating pad.  Yikes to crawling into a cold bed!  I crank on my little heating pad and move it from my head to my toes, at which point I’m usually asleep.  There are newer heated blankets with dual controls for each side of the bed (I am never the same temperature as my spouse, what a great idea!)

In the morning:  Take in some deep breaths and reach all four limbs in bed to lengthen your body.  After a relaxing night’s rest, everything looks and feels a bit more cheerful and enjoyable.  What are your holiday or night-time tips for relaxing?

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Have a great weekend, everyone!