How To: Gift your Beloved Unknowns?

Teachers, coworkers, party hosts, neighbors…  What are some great gifts to thank the amazing important people in your life that you may not know that well?  Let’s idea share!
  • Pen and Paper:  My early readers may remember one of my first blogs about clearing your mind by journal writing.  Share the power of that sentiment with this simple gift.  I love the Dollar Store for various sizes, bindings, and covers.
  • Mints and Gum:  These never go to waste in my bag, how about yours?  They are in the category of holiday treats minus the calorie load and immediate expiration date.  For more inspiration, see this link for other low-cal holiday sweets.
  • Kitchen Towels:  I know in our house, this item is well-loved and often needs replacement.  A great idea so long as the recipient is the kitchen-loving type…
  • Poinsettias:  We were recently at Home Depot and noticed 6” plants were $6; it’s a beautiful holiday plant.  Include a how-to care guide and read about it's history to add value to your recipient’s gift.
  • Gift cards:  One of the most popular gifts as it appears to give recipients pain-free, thought-free buying power.  I love the variety of Amazon and the ability to e-mail the cards and shop from home (save on shipping and local taxes, sweet!).
What are your favorite gifts for teachers, hosts, coworkers, neighbors, and others in your life?