Fun Fit Games for TV Watching

A healthy alternative to drinking games (unless your beverage is water); try these fit games during your next TV marathon, sporting event or holiday movie time.

1.  Say that name again!  Pick a movement for the different names of the characters/personalities in the show you are watching.  For example, if you are watching a Star Wars marathon, “jump and sweep a saber” every time you hear Jedi and “fall to the floor and sit back up” every time you hear Dark Force.  Play for points: the more you catch and perform, the more points you earn (with some great price at the end of the show).

2.  Sporting Events:  Set up movements for different moves by opposing teams.  For example, each time the opposing team makes a score, you do 5 push-ups.  Every time your team fouls, you do 5 jumping jacks.  This is most fun when you are with family or friends that are rooting for different teams (it’s all about having fun; if your team does poorly, you leave in better shape then the winning team!)

3.  Holiday Silliness:  Let your kids set up games similar to those above but for holiday favorites.  Each time you hear “Santa” or “Rudolf” or “Christmas Tree,” what would your kids like to do?  You can treat it like holiday charades and pretend to quickly dress-up as Santa, prance like a dear, or stand like a tree when you hear key words.

4.  Sneak In A Workout:  Okay, maybe this one is sneaky, but if it's just you preparing to relax and watch something, have a workout DVD in and ready to go for times like these.  There is an entire collection of videos called 10 Minute Solutions and each video has 5-6 10 minute workouts.  One of my favorites is 10 Minute Solution - Carb and Calorie Burner.  You never know, you may just keep going and workout 20, 40, 60 minutes instead...

5.  Tell us your favorite TV fit game!  Ellen dances to warm up her audience.  Biggest Loser has commercial break activities…  What favorite show and activity do you enjoy that we can, too?