Fitness with a PURPOSE

Recently I was bored with my fitness routine and was not motivated to get out of bed for it.  My parents asked me get their mail while out of town (an hour drive to and fro).  So I packed a lunch for myself and the kids, determined to play outside while stopping by.  I saw a rake on the ground in their yard and one thing led to another...  My kids and I ended up bagging 9 bags of leaves and enjoying 2 hours outside; it was fantastic!

We all need to workout 1, 2, 3 hours a day to reach or maintain great fitness, but what if you can’t get GOING?  With hours of your day devoted to family, work, church, and more… try this:

Exercise for a PURPOSE outside yourself:
  • With Your Friends and Family:  Every summer we are fortunate enough to swim weekly and participate in swim and gym classes, and we love to walk 1-2 miles every night after dinner.  We also hike on new routes, go to different parks… maybe we’ll go camping this year!
  • Volunteer for Manual Labor:  Ask your friends and neighbors if there is a project (one weekend a month) you can help do together in your own homes, such as paint a room, clean out a garage, plant a garden, etc…  (Sometimes it’s easier to help others if you know your challenging project is also on the list!)  For more ideas, search Habitat for Humanity, Craig’s list,, Doing Good Together,… 
  • Raise Money for a Cause:  Search for a cause that is near and dear to your heart and you often will find a fitness event you can join.  Or, create your own fitness fundraiser for your local employer/coworkers, school, or neighborhood.

What are some fitness routines for others/with others that you love to do?

Special Thanks:
 To my college Motivation professor who said productivity is one of the best cures for depression.

NM Kids Family Magazine, whose article “Volunteering Families” by Nicole Blouin in July 2010 mentions most of the volunteering organizations listed above and I have kept for when our kids are older.