Fitness Location Perks: Why You Return for More

What aspects of your fitness routine are helping you return to it day after day?  If you have a set fitness goal, choose a format you will enjoy and continue on the path to achieving it:

  • Gym Classes: I LOVE music if it’s used correctly, is fun, and is clean. Ever heard of “mob mentality”? Often working out in large numbers will help you work harder. You can bring a friend and have friends encourage you to come, as well as meet new people in your class with shared interests.
  • Personal Trainers: One-on-one is great IF your trainer has given you exercises to meet your goals (weight loss, sport performance, bikini bod…). Professional trainers also are wonderful if you need assistance with your alignment during execution of movement and they can create progression/recovery cycles along a time line. An excellent trainer also advocates for your success and inspires you do push to your max (safely).
  • Home Workouts: If you are self-sufficient, the perks go on and on! All expenses go into your own equipment and video preferences, no commute time, no sharing or hoarding of space. Plus, I love to wake up in my pjs, no makeup, and work so hard I turn red in the face/sweat/drool with no care. My husband is the leader in getting-going; if he is up and ready to workout, I'll drag myself out of bed, too.

Accumulation of success/beneficial exercise experiences over negatives ones will make it easier for you to continue exercising day after day, so be sure you are enjoying your routine! And in case you missed it, SUPPORT, a community of people that encourage you to give your all and keep going, is priceless.

Who is in your support group?  Post your comments and share it with them!