Are you already thinking “How Can I?”

Friday morning I woke up I grabbed Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! off my night stand to read for a bit.  I came across a passage about two frames of mind.  One man thinks to himself “I can’t do that; it’s impossible” and thus his brain shuts down on the subject.  The other man thinks “How can I make this happen?” and his mind searches for a solution.

So when I climbed in the shower with my blog on my mind and a million other things I needed to get done, it hit me!  I was busy weighing what kind of person I might be that I was missing what we were already doing.

Today we were taking our daughters to the NORTH POLE!

Two weeks ago, my 5 year old heard Christmas music on the radio and noticed the Santa house going up at the mall.  I responded that the house at the mall was to make Santa comfortable being so far away from home.  She asked if we could ever go to his house, and I said it was so far away past lots of ice and snow to keep it safe from all the children that want to see it, and Santa could never get anything done if we could.

Then I saw the Polar Express ad in the NM Kids magazine.  My husband and I planned a trip, and yesterday I read the kids The Polar Express book (that my sister graciously gifted the girls last Christmas) and they weren’t the wiser…

Now we are back home and I can say the experience was amazing.  Our daughter’s only concern was we were wrong; there was no ice on the way to Santa’s.  My husband quickly replied, “We went too early in the season.  More snow will come this month.”  (Phew!)  Certainly in a year or two my oldest will realize we are not so close to the North Pole, but until then, we work to keep her possibilities alive.

If you are bogged down with too many How Can I’s, be sure you aren’t missing out on the things you are already achieving.  Wishing you much joy this year, full of I Can and I Am!