Water: How to Meet Your Intake

The average adult female requires 80 ounces a day of water, males up to 120, PLUS 10-30 ounces more for exercise.  Water is the medium through which all our body's reactions occur and accounts for 70% of our lean body mass (everything but fat).  A side note: fat is only 10% water; very few reactions occur here as it's an energy reserve and insulator.
Here's how you can improve your water intake:

1.  Drink a sip between every bite of food during meals.  You'll feel full faster and consume fewer calories at the same time.  If you're eating out, request less ice so you can drink more.  (Note: Total water intake includes the water in your foods).

2.  Do you regularly visit the restroom?  Every stop is a great reminder to refill and drink a glass of water on the way out.

3.  Play with the temperature.  Don't agonize as you might deciding whether to eat baked or fried food.  There is some science behind having the water close to your body temperature, but drink the reasonable temperature you are craving.

4.  Enjoy shopping for hard water bottles.  Look for bottles chemical-free and dishwasher-safe before becoming too attached.  They are FUN to shop for now that you can find every shade, shine, and gimmick your heart could desire.  Match them to your shoes or purses, or give them to your friends as gifts.

5.  If all else fails, place water all over your house.  It seems silly and looks even sillier, but those glasses are like giant Post-Its shouting "DRINK ME!"  Just do so while it's fresh...

If water quality is a concern:  Purchase an inexpensive home tap water test before buying expensive filters.  Tap water test kits are about $10 for a single test to $20 for most contaminants.  The tests often have dip strips that change color to the level of the contaminant, so let your kids join you!  Proceed to get the best filter for your home; your hydrated body will thank you.