Sweet, Blissful Sleep

Most research on the subject says the optimal amount of sleep per night is 7-9 hours for adults.  Less than and you short your body of healing and recovery time, more than and you minimize the quality of the time you are deeply asleep.  So how can we get more quality sleep?

1.  Get ready for bed at least 30 minutes before you want to be in bed.  If the kids are dragging, be the role model and brush your teeth, get on your pajamas, pull out your favorite book.  Nothing gets my kids on board then the scare that I'm going to bed before they get tucked in; I'm taking advantage while that lasts.

2.  Keep your bedroom set up to sleep.  My husband thankfully fought me on the subject of having a television in the bedroom but it would have started a nasty habit.  Keep a couple peaceful books by your bedside, a glass of water, pen and paper, and your trusty alarm clock.

3.  Invest in great mattresses, pillows, and blankets.  You spend the MOST time of your life in your bed than anywhere in the house (even though you won't remember most of it) so care for that comfy place.  Think of it as your mini-vacation retreat and look forward to crawling in!

4.  In bed, write down any last minute thoughts.  Purge any to-dos for tomorrow.  Then take your mind off the day's stress by thinking of three great things that did happen, write them down, and focus on the words.  Breath deeply, smile, and let your mind relax.

5.  Set your alarm and STICK to it!  You can get away with going to bed an hour or two earlier or later, but if you fudge your wake up time, your entire awake system gets wacky.  Once you have a wake-up time, your day schedule can fall into place (eating, exercising, work, hobbies, rest, etc...)

6.  Give yourself 10 minutes to wake.  NOT time to sleep a bit more, but time to stretch, yawn, enjoy the sunrise, sit up, write down anything on your mind...  You'll start your day in a welcoming way!

Here is a great chart from Pampers that continues to guide my judgment on my kids bedtimes and nap times:   Sleep needs for ages newborn to 5 years http://www.pampers.com/en_US/parenting-articles/baby-sleep-patterns/4462

Happy sleeping, and have a great weekend!
Next week:  Holiday Grocery Shopping and Calorie Burns for Holiday Eating


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