Success is JUST...

The true goal of life is to persevere over the setbacks, tackle mistakes with more positive energy, and thrive on every success, no matter how small.  Three things about seeking success:

1.  If you have the ability to speak with those who are where you want to be, GO for it!  Three years ago a student cold-called me at home to ask about how she could become a fitness instructor.  (We ended up chatting for 4 hours about everything under the sun, and she is one of my closest friends today.  She decided instructing wasn't the right route for her, but we both gained tremendously from that initial phone call and still do!)

2.  If you take a life-altering step that doesn't feel right, change direction.  Blessed America, there are more and more ways to live than ever before!  Your life will always grow and change, and that is a good thing.

3. Failure is a deep part of life, so acknowledge it.  The saying is "Try, try again" when really it should be "Try, try, try, setback, recover, try, success, try, try, Major Setback, try, try, success, new friend, new contact, big success, helping others, more hard work, success, personality evolution, direction change, try, try...."  And the most successful people often have the biggest failure stories, so back to step one.  Ask a pro!

4.  Be open to finding more than you were looking for, or you will miss a lot of great things.

On that final tip, thanks for reading today!
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