Something DREADFUL happened... time to Treasure Hunt!

Something dreadful may have happened in an area of your life.  Fitness bumps can leave you feeling incredibly shaky as well, possibly preventing you from moving forward.  You may have found something you love and works for you, then suddenly the gym closes, your favorite teacher moves, or perhaps you suffer an injury... so what can you do now?
Here are two easy steps to turn that negative situation around, and can be applied to any situation or circumstance.

1.  The first step is to pause to reflect on your new situation.  Write a list that views it from all angles: location, people you are with, type of activity you were enjoying, all items good and bad.  Sort your list in order of which items were most important to you, and lower down the list, items you feel would benefit from change.  (Ex: I loved my fitness teacher who moved, but the gym one block over has the same program, and that gym is closer to my work, and I wasn't using the old facilities...)

2.  From the thoughts within your list, the best new direction will slowly reveal itself.  At one point I was exhausted from teaching fitness, and chasing my two year old, and being newly pregnant.  I was choosing fitness classes to attend at an upcoming conference and read about Lawrence Biscontini and his wonderful Tai Chi/Qi Gong training.  He was the perfect person with the perfect program at that moment in time.  It was my new found "Treasure."  I loved the course and still love his videos.  (And now I can share it with my readers!)

3.  Reflect and write down anything that is weighing you down to turn it into a Treasure Hunt of your own.... It could be a new healthy snack you tried and love, to a discovery in a new neighborhood you've moved to.  Email me when you discover and enjoy your new treasure, no matter how large or small!

You can find Lawrence Biscontini and learn more about Qi Gong at:
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