Sneaky Workout: Burn Wait Time and See Who Notices

So you are standing around waiting for a great store sale, a movie theater ticket, or waiting to board an airplane.  Here’s a sneaky workout for you will that will burn the waiting time away:

1.  Shoulder Retraction/Depression:  Standing tall, pull your shoulder blades back and down, reaching your finger tips toward your heels.  As if someone poured ice down your back, squeeze the muscles together between your shoulder blades.

2.  Abdominal Bracing:  Visualize zipping up a tight pair of pants or dipping into an icy pool of water.  Exhale and draw your belly button toward your back (but maintain your low back curve) and lift your pelvic floor (as if you’re waiting for the bathroom).

3.  Butt Squeeze:  In proper terms, “Gluteal Contraction,” but we all know how to squeeze our behind.  My high school dance teacher used to say, “Imagine you’re holding a potato chip back there… Now Break IT!”  Not the most pleasant image, but very effective.

4.  Calf Raises:  If you are wearing low heals, lift your heels off the ground.  Be sure not to sway your hips forward and back, but lift your entire body UP taller and stay tall as your heels return to the ground.  Also try this with your heels together/toes outward or toes together/heels outward.  Squeeze your thigh and length your knee on each lift to engage your quadriceps (front thigh).
5.  How Many/How Long?  Depending on the amount of time you are waiting around, and how well you can simultaneously carry a conversation with your company, you can perform each exercise alone or all four exercises together.  Play with holding each for up to 30 seconds (while breathing smoothly in and out) or contract and release each 8 times and begin again if you still have time to kill.

If someone happens to notice you seem a bit odd, share these tips with them!
Stayed tuned for more mini-workouts in the coming weeks...