I WANT to do THAT! (...Help?)

So you're ready to jump of a tower in Africa, swim with dolphins in the ocean, climb a famous mountain...  Or maybe you want to try Salsa or Swing on the weekends, run a local 5k, or chase your kiddos around the yard a bit longer.  How do get from here to there?

1.  Research all you can.  Do you know any friends/family who have experienced the experience you are chasing?  Ask around for suggestions, ideas, or experience even from friends of friends.  The feedback of one that has "been there, done that" is priceless.

2. Set a date. When are you planning the "experience" and how many steps are there between now and then to get you ready to fully enjoy in what you dream?  This step is crucial to minimizing setbacks and maximizing your success along the way.

3. Start the steps in the direction of your desired experience.  Problems are just "decisions you have not yet made," so decide how to proceed with the knowledge you've gained, take the plan you have created, and get going!

Happy Life Experiences!
Tomorrow: Something DREADFUL happened... time to Treasure Hunt!