I Forgot to Write Down... What was it again?

From Edison to Oprah, the most successful and inspiring people in the world have something critically simple in common.  They record EVERYTHING.  They write journals, scribble notes, reflect in diaries.  Here is why it leads to greater things:

1.  You retain your necessary fleeting thoughts.  Like waking up from a dream you loved but it slowly slips away, so do thousands of thoughts that pop in and out of your mind while awake.  The more thoughts you can write down, the less your brain will work trying to repeat them and can move forward to new things.

2.  Record the Positive.  Let's not forget anything that makes us smile or laugh.  If it has been a hard day, take a moment in bed to write down the 3 great things that happened.  You'll go to sleep more relaxed and awake refreshed for the next (positive) day.

3.  Purge any bad recurring thoughts.  Remove a worry that is cycling through your mind again and again.  Often once you read what you've wrote the next day, you'll shake your head and think, "Is that the way I felt?"  Be glad you didn't unload it on anyone, or that you first realized how that someone can be helpful to you.

Making small notes to yourself after a workout is a great way to begin an exercise log.  Come prepared to programs that incorporate exercise logs; they allow for time to write throughout.

I-Phones, blackberries, and any hand held device you have masted can also become your journal.  I like paper because it's simple and doesn't require a charger (which I often forget to use...)

This week: I'll begin a series on food tips, so come to your computer armed with your grocery lists!