Holiday Grocery Shopping

If you are in charge of the holiday food this year, make your shopping mentally fun and physically active!  Here's how:

1.  Dress as if you are out for exercise.  Wear layers and comfy shoes and bring water to drink.  The perk to canvas bags (other than reuse) is they get filled to the brim, so whip out your arm muscles for heavy carrying!

2.  Shop locally.  Hit farmer's markets for your fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies.  Potatoes, celery, apples and pumpkins are in season, and the markets make for fun family outings.

3.  Pick pleasant times of day for large stores.  The worst hours for crowds during the week are about noon until 6 PM, and the entire two days before Thanksgiving.  Buy canned, frozen or dried goods at large stores in the early morning hours.

4.  If your list is overwhelming, team up with a friend.  Share your shopping lists; maybe they can hit one store for your small things and you might be headed to a store for one or two of theirs.  You may even swap recipes and dinner ideas, or meet up at your house later in the week for baking and chopping.

Tomorrow:  Calories Burns for Holiday Eating (that will leave you emotionally and mentally well, too!)