(Fun!) Calorie Burns for Holiday Eating

It's almost time for that yummy Thanksgiving meal!  If you've been reading along with my blog, you may have new recipes ideas, joyful shopping trips, and are read to prepare and conquer your Thanksgiving dinner.  Or maybe you're job this year is to join in at another's home.  Share these active ideas with everyone included:

1.  If going solo, look for a local event:  Most gyms have condensed workouts with holiday themes the day before and after Thanksgiving that are open to the public.

2.  If you have a big group:  Grab a ball!  Football, kickball, even play ping pong or billards.  My in-laws brought Twisterwith them last year; those that couldn't participate spun the spinner (in between waves of laughter, that is...)

3.  If you have lots of kids:  Go sledding if it's snowy; build leaf piles if you have a load on the ground.  Plan a walk along a scenic river or trail and drink fresh hot cider when you return.

4.  If you're in charge of dinner:  Have a "Help" bucket.  When your guests arrive and they ask how they can help, have a basket ready with odd jobs on folded slips of paper.  Include set up chairs, take food to the table, clear the table, sweep the floor, serve the pie, choose a game...  The Help Bucket is a great icebreaker as everyone chats which job they grabbed and try to switch out with each other, and all can relax knowing the host is taken care of.

5.  Before and after the meal:  Play active table games!  Seriously, when was the last time you played Musical Chairs or Hot Potato?  It is a holiday, after all...

6.  Share your active idea:  Comment below any of your favorite calorie-burning events at your Holiday dinners; we'd love to hear your ideas (and make them our tradition, too!)

Tomorrow: Thanks to Share with Loved Ones... that will surprise you