Do YOU honestly love YOU?

I have been inspired today to write this post by the recent Oprah shows with Portia de Rossi (de Generes) and Ricky Martin.  What triggered me in both interviews was: What really matters is LOVE.  To fully experience it, fully be honest with yourself about yourself."  They both talked to family and friends honestly, recounted and analyzed endless personal hardships, and took one baby step after another of action to get this new found place of love and honesty, and ENJOYMENT.

What about their story applies to you?
1.  Whatever your "bad" experience is at the moment, how deeply do you want it to turn out well, and how soon?
2.  If you are mentally ready to concur your bad situation, what steps are you taking RIGHT NOW to get to the place you want to be?
3.  What steps are holding you back, and how can you jump that bridge to get to the next step in your dream?
Write it out, analyze yourself, and self reflect as your gift to you today.
Tomorrow, some tips on approaching future success.
LOVE to you all.