Dinner by Candlelight, with Kids

Now that fall is here and the sun sets early, it's fun to change up our dinner routine.  We normally would eat dinner and then all go out for a walk, but the darker evenings and colder weather have been an after dinner disappointment for our girls.

Our daughters are 5 and 2 year old, and getting them through eating their dinner, any part of it, can be challenging.  My husband and I usually supply their plates with small amounts of everything (complex carbs, protein, healthy fat) and if they are still hungry, the choice is theirs.

I usually decorate with a candle here or there, but our kids recently LOVE for us to light them during dinner.  Putting two and two together, they now try to finish eating before one another to have the honors of "blowing out the candle." (Note: We don't light up until we're all seated, and a parent stays around until the candle is blown out. My 5 year old REALLY wants to light the candle, but I'm not yet comfortable with that scenario...  The lighter is stored out of reach!)

I don't know how long this enthusiasm will last, but as it does, my husband and I are enjoying quiet, candle-lit dinners while our girls are getting the nutrition they need without complaint.  It's a win-win for the moment, as long as we keep an eye on that fire.