The Best Exercise IS...

What's the best way to stay in shape and continue to be active?

Swimming is active.  Running is.  Dancing is.  Jump rope.   Pilates.  Yoga.  Kick Boxing.  Karate.... the list goes on and on, but each is no more correct than the other.  If you're LOVING the movement, you will more easily do it over and over again and you will find love in fitness!
So what if you have not found the "Thing" that keeps you coming back?  An hour, even 30 minutes a day, is a big commitment to something you dread.  It may not be enough that you enjoy that activity, but you need something MORE for it to be worth repeating with such high frequency.

I LOVE working out to music in groups, my husband loves running by himself.  So recently we tried P90X together. (Google it)... and it worked extremely well.  I missed my music but won more time with my spouse, and he saw more results from the at-home workouts then his similar running routine that was becoming tiresome.  Win-win!  It also was a varied activity, so we both tried Yoga for the first time, as well as Kenpo (a Martial Art form).   We saw great change because weren't locked in to just one activity.  We laughed together at our initial awkwardness, and celebrated together our "Ab Ripper" triumphs!

Most importantly, if you try something new but dislike it, move on to the next thing.  Life is full of something for everyone, or even better, maybe You will create something new for everyone else to enjoy!

Cheers to spreading your range on your quest to finding LOVE in being active!
Tomorrow: I WANT to do THAT! (...Help?)


  1. Well...swimming is!!!! No doubt !

    Maybe I am a little biased because I grew up swimming or perhaps it is because of the unique nature of such an activity that can have physiological, psychological, social, therapeutic and rehabilitation health values and/or benefits all at the same time that it may be just hard to match! LOL. I agree with you that whatever fitness activity it is that you find rewarding and love to do, it doesn't matter as long as you just get active!



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