The Beauty of Moving

There are over 600 muscles in the human body. And our lives are so diverse and beautiful, it's no wonder no two people are alike, or move the same way.

When I was a Dance major, I was dedicated to my dance form, and I wanted to be better at that one thing, not loose time trying other styles. But the degree requirement was truly a Gift.

I was once terrified to teach Parkinson's patients. How could I accommodate such different patients with different capabilities? But their eyes were so bright, they could not wait to see what they could do at that moment and nothing else mattered.

At any time a segment of those 600 muscles could decide not to join us anymore, such as for those that have lost limbs in accidents, those that fight illness, those that choose to sit down and be still.

Our spirit, our drive, our enthusiasm always shines when we MOVE. Workouts are an ever changing gift and surprise. We get to say hello to any of the 600 muscles that have been neglected or ignored because of our life's diversity. And the muscles we have been paying attention to Celebrate, saying "thank you," and give us more love right back! How great is that?!

Thank you, millions of people celebrating movement. Thank you, children that discover new moves every day for the first time of many. Thank you, muscles, for coming out to play every day!  Thank you for showing love to yourself, and in turn sharing with everyone your brighter spirits.