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Answers to "Nourishing" Questions

Recently I had the honor of teaching a "Simple Food Tools and Strategies" course at the Older Adult Institute in Albuquerque.  The 90-minute workshop covered the scientific tools to easily measure and monitor your intake (total, portions, quality, etc) followed by activities on how nourishing the other aspects of your life impacts your relationship with food.

In special thanks to the audience,  here are some of the inquiries.

WATER INTAKE 1. I fear my daughter is drinking way too much water.  She has developed a slight but frequent cough which has her drinking more water as well.  Can you tell me more about measuring water?
Answer: "Thank you for asking!  Refer your daughter to the "total intake" resource called Interactive DRI; it would be helpful for her to have a total drinking amount of water per day to aim for.  Once she has this in mind, she can carry water in measurable reusable bottles.  Secondly she can monitor her output by watching the color of her uri…

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