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"Mommy, she fell down!"

At the last moment of a charity warm up, I sent everyone off to run,  and the FINAL REACH for my water tipped the balance...
BOOM! No more horizontal surface.

"Mommy, she fell down!" said the little girl.
"Is she okay?" said her mom.
I think so, because  she jumped back up!
I did literally JUMP up, pumped my fist to the sky, and shouted  "I'm GOOD!" I was so very good. And even more when I watched the video replay.
This little boy is my nephew.   My nephew is a very TOUGH young man, and every day spreads love and joy to everyone around him.  
He was eager to give hugs at the end of the warm up.
And the hugs came right back to him.

Sharing moments of contact with others are always included in my classes.   "Give someone a high FIVE!"  

When the table folded, the number of people that came over to see if I was okay. Absolutely kind and generous.  Fantastic.  
But even greater: all the hugs, high fives, and HANDS in the SKY.
On this day,  Take Chanc…

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