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A "Sensual" Wellness Activity for a Unique YOU

Hello, beautiful readers!

Before you go your next movement class, job interview, wedding day, and ANY activity that requires you and your body to be fully present, take 15 minutes to do the following.
Go to a comfortable location with a pen and paper.Take few deep, slow breaths to relax and calm your mind.Visualize the sensations that make you feel most alive, most loved, most well. Start writing!  Without self-editing, whatever "loves" and joy that comes up, capture your thoughts on paper.  If a thought arises about something you dislike, explore and write about the opposite. Some considerations:
SIGHT: Colors, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights TOUCH: Temperature, textures, materials, flooring, clothing, bedding, pressure, proximity SMELL: aromas, odors, air, perfumes, nature, cooking TASTES: salty, sweet, savory, sour, umami, bitter, refreshing, surprising, bursting, soothing SOUNDS: gentle, percussive, fluid, tense, relaxing, uplifting; music genres/eras/artists, pi…

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